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How the U.S. Stole an Island 





Stealing a Nation: How the UK/US Stole Diego Garcia Island 

Let Us Return: The Story of the Chagos Islanders

           Short film by Andy Marsh and Chagossians in the UK

"Camp Justice" Documentary on Pivot TV's "Truth and Power"

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Olivier Bancoult Ted Talk


Island of Shame:

The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia


The author is donating all royalties from the sale of this book to the Chagossians.

Chagos Islanders in Mauritius and the UK:

Forced displacement and onward migration



United States and Britain in Diego Garcia:

The Future of a Controversial Base


Diego Garcia is a pivotal US base for all Middle East operations. This book describes its evolution from a secret US-UK bilateral deal in 1966 and the deportation of the native population in the 70s to its new role in Guantánamo-style 'renditions' and the impact of miltary construction on its environment.

PETER H. SAND, formerly legal adviser for the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Bank, is a lecturer in International Environmental Law at the University of Munich, Germany. His earlier publications include Lessons Learned in Global Environmental Governance (1990), Transnational Environmental Law (1997), and over a hundred articles in international legal journals and collections. He has been visiting professor at Duke Law School and at the universities of Paris, Geneva, Addis Ababa, and Helsinki; and he served on the UN Security Council's Compensation Commission for environmental claims arising from the 1991 Gulf War.