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US + UK Committed "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY" against Chagossians, Human Rights Watch Shows

Human Rights Watch just published a major report showing that the US + UK governments committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by forcibly displacing the Chagossian people during construction of the US military base on Diego Garcia + barring Chagossians from returning home for more than 1/2 a century. The report, “That’s When the Nightmare Started," is an unprecedented condemnation of the US + UK by a major human rights organization.

Human Rights Watch calls for full reparations for the Chagossians from the US + UK, including:

1) allowing #Chagossians to return home

2) resettlement assistance

3) proper compensation for 1/2 century of exile

4) official US + UK government apologies

5) public release of documents related to the Chagossians.

Read the report:

Watch a 1-minute video:

Watch a powerful 18-minute video:

For more coverage and reactions see +

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