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  • David Vine

UN Rules UK Control over Chagos Islands "Unlawful"

Major news! The UN has again ruled it is finally time the UK upheld its end of international law and end its "unlawful" occupation of the Chagos Islands. The UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ruled last week 8-1 that Mauritius, not the UK, has sovereignty over the Chagossians' homeland. This is a massive victory for the Chagossians as the Mauritian government has promised to allow Chagossians to return home. The UK seems set to ignore the ruling. The major question is whether the new Biden/Harris administration will support the UK's unlawful occupation or support the Chagossians and international law.... (Also: the ruling came just days before the UK’s accent to the presidency of the UN Security Council with the self-proclaimed focus of “human rights.")

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