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  • David Vine

New Chagossian Lawsuit Charges Apartheid Treatment

Joe Biden was a leading voice in the senate against apartheid and campaigned as “an anti-apartheid hero” at a 1976 South African conference refusing to be separated from his Black Congressional colleagues. A new lawsuit brought by a group of Chagossians charges that Chagossians are victims of Apartheid-style laws that have denied them the right to live in their homeland while a major US military base continues to occupy their islands. The suit seeks compensation for their emotional and economic damages, and future and past rent as the rightful residents and owners of Diego Garcia. The Trump administration dismissed the suit as “Not in the interests of the US government.” With the new US administration, Chagossians hope that Biden will stop US support for their Apartheid-style treatment and provide compensation for the damage inflicted by more than 50 years of exile. Their US-based lawyer said, “We’re saying to the government: you owe damages to the Chagossian people for operating a military base on their property.”

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