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  • David Vine

Major Victory! Chagossians born in exile win UK citizenship!

After years of struggle, Chagossians born in exile who have been barred from UK citizenship will be allowed to apply and gain citizenship free of charge.

While #Chagossians born in #Chagos struggled to win the right to full UK citizenship decades ago, some of their children and grandchildren have faced deportation from the UK after moving there with their parents and grandparents. Justice has prevailed!

Now #Chagossians must have the right of return to their homeland and proper compensation for more than 50 years of exile to see true justice. Read more here:

Note: The UN and International Court of Justice have ruled that Mauritius--not the UK--has sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago. While different Chagossians have different views about the UK, the right to have the power of UK citizenship by virtue of being born (or having a parent or grandparent born) in what was previously a UK colony is a separate issue.

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