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Updates on the Struggle/Getting Involved

Happy Chagos Day!

Chagos Day was November 3rd, and we wanted to use it as an opportunity to provide some important updates about the Chagossian struggle. There have been some major developments and there are likely to be more in the next six months…. 1. International Court of Justice: In the summer, the Chagossians were at the Court in the Hague. This could be a huge development. The government of Mauritius (where most Chagossians were exiled) took the British government to the Court challenging Britain’s sovereignty over Diego Garcia and the rest of the Chagos Archipelago. Chagossians joined the Mauritian government and the Court is now considering the way in which they were removed from their homeland as part of their deliberations. A ruling is expected in March. Victory for Mauritius is no guarantee, because the Court has no power to force the UK to give up sovereignty. But if Mauritius does regain sovereignty, the government has promised to allow Chagossians to return home….

CNN video about the possibility of another Chagossian deportation...

The US media is finally covering the Chagossians story. This is a great one to share with others--it covers the background and the Chagossians case before the International Court of Justice.

2. High Court in London: The Chagossians will return in December to challenge the British government’s decision in 2016 not to allow them to return home despite a UK government study showing a return is feasible (four decades of U.S. military occupation would suggest the same). This suit was specifically encouraged by the UK Supreme Court, so hopes are high. 3. Another Displacement? WTF?! 3rd and 4th generation Chagossians born in exile and now living in the UK are at risk of deportation because they have not been granted citizenship like most in the 1st and 2nd generations. Members of Parliament and supporters are rallying to change UK citizenship law to prevent another derasinman—forced uprooting—as Chagossians say. See this CNN link for a short video background. 4. Get More Involved! The Let Us Return USA! website is always the best place for updates and current campaigns. Look out for more news soon as the legal struggle proceeds.

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