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  • David Vine

Wikileaks Victory, Chagossian Defeat in MPA Suit. But....

The UK Supreme Court ruled that a damning Wikileaks-released State Department cable should have been admitted as evidence in the Chagossians' challenge to the British government's creation of a Chagos Marine Protected Area (MPA)--but that the cable would not have affected the outcome of the case. This was another disappointing outcome but the Chagossians have two even bigger cases coming up in May: 1) A new challenge to their exile and 2) Chagossians exiled in Seychelles claiming compensation that they have long been denied (some Chagossians in Mauritius received small amounts of compensation totaling around $6,000 in today's dollars). For more on the February ruling see:

For more on the background to the MPA suit and the State Department cable that revealed evidence of ongoing racism and conspiring to keep the Chagossians from ever returning home see:

and the original cable:

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