CNN: UK Separating Chagossian Children and Parents

Big news to see the US media finally starting to cover the Chagossian story more--this time CNN with a good story about Chagossian children and grandchildren who are being separated from their parents and grandparents and other family members if they can't pay 10,000 GB pounds. Some have already been deported making them another generation deported by the UK. Outrage upon outrage. See:

Deporting Chagossian Children?

The US is not the only country cruel enough to separate children from their parents. Many Chagossian children and grandchildren will soon be at risk of another deportation--this time from the UK--unless they can pay 10,000 GB pounds to get UK citizenship like their parents and grandparents. Now it looks like the British government may listen to Chagossians who have been demanding a change to UK law so they do not suffer another expulsion.... See

Chagossian Self-Determination Soon?!

The upcoming International Court of Justice case in which Mauritius is challenging Britain's sovereignty over Diego Garcia and the Chagos Archipelago may offer an opportunity for the ICJ judges to rule that Chagossians have the right to self-determination as the indigenous people of the island, according to this legal analysis. Stayed tuned for more news about the upcoming case...

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