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1) Tell others! Tell your friends, family, people at school or work, and everyone else about the Chagossians, their exile, and Organize a screening of one of the documentaries "Stealing a Nation," "Let Us Return," or "Camp Justice." It's a great way to spread the word and get others involved.

2) Help Get the Chagossians on TV! Why do so few people know about the Chagossians? We think these people would be perfect to tell the world about the Chagossians--and pressure the US and UK governments in the process. Click on the links below for sample tweets, emails, and posts, as well as full pitch letters.


Tweet at John Oliver! As a really funny and smart Brit in the US, his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” would be perfect for raising awareness about the Chagossians. Ask Oliver to tell the Chagossians’ story by tweeting @iamjohnoliver, @LastWeekTonight, and @timcarvell (executive producer).


Sample tweets: “Cover the Chagossian story on @lastweektonight #letusreturn #chagosonLWT” or Tell the world about #Chagos, help them return home #letusreturn #chagosonLWT” or “Dogs gassed, people exiled, no compensation, no justice. Tell #Chagossians story #letusreturn #chagosonLWT”

Tweet at Oprah! If anyone can tell the Chagossians' story, it's Oprah and her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Tweet, email, write, beg Oprah to put the Chagossians on the air.

Tweet at Ellen! Recently, Ellen DeGeneres had a member of the military stationed at Diego Garcia on her show. We assume Ellen had no idea about the terrible history behind the base, and that she would be outraged if she knew the full story. Help tell her about Diego Garcia and encourage her to put the Chagossians' story on the air.

3) Donate. Movements need money, and the Chagossians have very, very little. The easiest way to donate to the Chagossian struggle is through the Chagos Refugees GroupSupport campaigns run by the Chagos Refugees Group and CRG UK and the UK Chagos Support Association.

4) Have other ideas? Do you know politicians who could support the Chagossians? Do you know grassroots organizations, civic associations, or religious groups that might want to support the Chagossians? Do you have contacts in the media? We can use any and all ideas, so please send them to

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